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About Nina Stibbe

Nina left Leicestershire for London as a teenager and after two years as a nanny she studied Humanities at Thames Polytechnic.
After graduating in 1987, she worked for a while in a Camden frock shop.
In 1990 she began a career in book publishing, working in various departments before becoming a commissioning editor at Routledge.
In 2002 she moved to Cornwall with her partner and children where she now writes, swims and makes bread.

Nina on Social

half-term activities 📸: @elikredd
Heartbreaking from @100postcards yesterday (via @pamelaandedward)
my 💘 biscuits decorated by Eva
not only that, i doubled the ingredients 💘
@raynor.winn signing #TheSaltPath tonight @waterstonestru photo: @secrettruro
grammin this in plenty of time for you to screenshot & send to loved ones 💘

Nina's Blog

The good nanny

My book Love, Nina: Despatches from Family Life is the letters I wrote to my sister when I was a live-in nanny to two boys in the 1980s. The book focuses mainly on my relationship with the family I lived with and …

Going home for Xmas

First published in Psychologies, January 2014 Until I had children of my own I almost always went home for Xmas to my mum and step-dad’s house in Leicestershire and so did my siblings, all 4 of them. So, right into our 20s …

Almost famous

First published in The Sunday Times, 10th Nov 2013 When I left Leicestershire in the 1980s, to become a nanny in London, the thing that most captivated my friends was the idea that I'd be forever bumping into famous people such as …

Not in front of the children

An edited version of this article was published in The Guardian, 10 November 2013 ‘We’ll have to stop swearing soon’, I said to my friend a few years ago as we watched our small children playing together. ‘I’ve given up,’ said my friend, ‘I …